Live in Prague 2 reviews:

“Tracks like The Sky Is Turning Black or Slide are Blues and Lavash performs his brilliant slide technique, but the overall song design and guitar effects is far beyond the production of solo blues songwriters. We will not be far from the truth when we say that Justin Lavash is one of the few blues progressives (particularly here [in CZ]). And they, not the conservatives, even if they are excellent, keep the genre alive”

“Skladby The Sky Is Turning Black či Slide vlastně jsou bluesové a Lavash v nich předvádí svoji brilantní techniku slide, ale celková stavba písniček i hra s efekty, kterými je místy proháněn zvuk kytary, sahá daleko za produkci osamělých bluesových písničkářů. Nebudeme daleko od pravdy, když řekneme, že Justin Lavash je jedním z (zejména u nás) nemnoha bluesových progresivistů. A právě oni, nikoli konzervativisté, byť třeba vynikající, drží žánr při životě”

Ondřej Bezr -

“I had to put it twice in a row before I could get back to some real work”

“Dala jsem tu platňu dvakrát kolem dokola, než jsem se vrátila k řádné práci”

Katřina Kadlecová - Reflex 15/11/18

What a difficult year 2019 really was for me! Let’s hope it’s a little easier in 2020. Health problems became very serious, and I spent quite a few weeks in hospital. I’m so glad it’s over.

I’d like to thank all those people who helped me get through 2019 and all of you who booked me to perform and came to see me play. I am grateful to you all for making a difficult situation easier. I moved from Prague to Teplice in September and am now thoroughly enjoying life in the Czech Republic’s Ustecký Kraj. It’s beautiful here, and I have been very lucky in being able to make friends here. Thank you for the welcome, Teplice!

This year will see me release a new album, which I am now preparing, getting the songs and arrangements ready for recording. I have some special guests in mind, and am really looking forward to going to the studio soon. I will also be working on videos for a few of the songs. I now live in such a beautiful part of the country, that I feel they should be recorded up here. I’m also honoured to be able to participate in the Lepší večer evenings around Teplice. I think it will be a lot of fun and another side to my music.